Denis Davydov: adopting Information Society Development Strategy crucial for Russia Dec 13


A draft Strategy for the Development of Information Society in Russia for 2017-2030 document has been published for public consultation by the Security Council of the Russian Federation. Among other things, the document notes that ‘a new step towards building an information society has to transform Russia into a knowledge society’. ‘Its basis must be formed by the state and the society striving to access and distribute reliable and safe high-quality information’ says the document.

According to Safe Internet League Director Denis Davydov, the crucial point of this Strategy is that it stresses the need for a knowledge society.

‘The most important point of the whole document is that is has a long-term vision of a knowledge society — something no country in the world failed to declare as its principle, the principle of universal knowledge’ noted Mr Davydov in a TASS interview.

Moreover, Mr Davydov praises the document for promising that ‘the state will continue further development of the mechanisms for blocking and removing illegal information and, most importantly, continue supporting Russian information providers committed to cultivating the spiritual and moral values of the Russian people’. ‘This is very important, because, more often than not, the key is not only to remove the illegal information, but to provide Russian Internet users with access to information that is reliable, information that is in line with our principles and ideals’ stressed Mr Davydov.

According to Safe Internet League’s Director, ‘this is a critically important document; approving this Strategy will prove crucial for our country’s development’. ‘Then again, if we compare this document with similar documents approved in, for example, the US, we will see that their uppermost concern is preventing cyberattacks and ensuring their infrastructure stays operational. Ours is building the knowledge society’. ‘Of course we need an educated society, we need people who can access authentic knowledge, because regrettably — and this is a point echoed by the Strategy — Internet users, of which in Russia there are over 80 million, are mostly using it for entertainment’ noted Mr Davydov.

‘The state will be providing a stimulus for them to go online to seek knowledge, not funny cat videos on social networks. This is very important, this is key to our country’s future success’ argued the Safe Internet League’s Director.